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I’ve been creating since I can remember , whether it was tiny sock dresses for my Barbie dolls or oatmeal face masks from items straight out of my grandmother’s cupboard! Creating is what makes me happy.

I was born in Arizona and spent my early years there with my mother’s parents. My grandmother’s name was Margaret, but she went by “Peggy”. I considered their home to be my home. Most all of my memories go back to that Ranch style suburban neighborhood. Even when my mother and I moved to Southern California, summers and holidays were spent at my grandparents’ home. And summers in Arizona are HOT! Everyone says “It’s a dry heat”, so I’m going with that. Because it was so hot, I had a small “pool” in the backyard. Back then, the sun tanning protocol was baby oil and iodine. Not the best protection from UV rays, by the way. When I would come inside to cool off and grab a snack, I liked to experiment with skincare recipes I found in magazines. As long as I wasn’t in the kitchen when it was time to start dinner, I was free to create. I had a great recipe for sunburns, too!

a creative person and lover of all things beauty

When I was in California, I spent time with my father’s parents. And guess what my grandmother’s name was? Margaret! But, this grandmother went by “Maggi”. I loved visiting my grandma Maggi’s elegant home with a living-room window that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. At the end of my stay, she would give me little gifts to take home, often lipstick or a bottle of perfume. Her favorite perfume was Lancôme’s Magie Noire. For years I would spray it on me in department stores just to remind me of her. My grandmother was a classic beauty. The time I spent with her was delightful. Visits always included a trip to the Country Club for a game of tennis, lunch and shopping at the city’s fashionable boutiques. It wasn’t at all uncommon for us to run into “movie stars” because my grandmother was a well-known interior decorator. My grandparents owned a high-end furniture store on Sunset Boulevard. Yes, THE Sunset Boulevard! And I got to meet some of the most famous actors of all time. My grandparents’ owned land with the famous Getty Museum. So my grandmother would take me through the employee entrance to see the marvelous display of famous artwork. Maggi actually had her own art studio where she painted award-winning oils. She was so incredibly talented! Yet my grandmother was also a humble and hard-working woman. She had attended Art school in Connecticut and was a successful commercial artist in Arizona with ads in local magazines. She met my grandfather while living in Arizona before relocating to Southern California. Her oil paintings decorated the walls of her home, which itself, was in several magazines. Architectural Digest featured her when she designed Mickey Rooney’s luxurious home.

After high school, I moved back to Arizona to attend college. My mother’s parents were older now, but Peggy was still making spaghetti dinners for my grandpa, Sidney. If you noticed a similarity in our first names, Sidney and Sindy, it’s because I was named after him. My grandparents were part of the hard-working middle-class. They lived through the Depression and nothing went to waste in their home. I recall one time in particular when my grandfather was eating a bowl of cereal at the kitchen table and I noticed several small brownish things on the bowl’s rim. Upon closer inspection I could see they were little bugs that had gotten into the cereal. Most of us would have immediately thrown the entire box in the trash! Not my grandpa. He lived through two World Wars and the Great Depression. He wasn’t about to waste perfectly decent food.

Peggy always had a candy dish on the living room coffee table for the neighborhood kids to enjoy and she hid her favorite Kit Kat bars in the kitchen cupboard. She had a delightful collection of costume jewelry, scarves that were kept in boxes under the bed and a vast array of purses that lined the top shelf in the utility room. I tried on all of her jewelry and scarves, as well as some of her dresses and shoes. She was such a caring grandmother. And like grandma Maggi, she would let me have a lipstick she didn’t use from her latest ‘gift-with-purchase’. Her favorite scent was Estée Lauder’s Youth Dew.

My grandmother never met a person who didn’t immediately become her friend and she had an infectious - and quite loud - laugh. She gave “rides” (for a small fee) to the elderly and friends who weren’t mobile and that became her ‘Bingo’ money. Saturday mornings were spent at Dunkin’ Donuts or Guggy’s Coffee Shop. Often, the whole family - which included my grandfather, my uncle and my aunt (and later her own family) met for ice cream at Mary Coyle’s.

My grandma never said a word to me when I used all the honey for a non-edible concoction I put on my face or when I wallpapered “my room” in a purple floral pattern. When I got a stomach-ache, I was cured by her Pepto-Bismol milkshakes. She was the épitomé of a kind-hearted grandma.

I’m pretty sure she was fond of pink, because the bathroom was ENTIRELY pink. She really enjoyed relaxing in her pink bathtub with the sheer pink curtain pulled back. She was a fan of the bubble bath. I think I inherited that from her. Not the pink part, but the love of bubble baths.

My two grandmothers, both born with the name “Margaret”, had a huge impact on my upbringing and my love for creating. These two incredible women were different from each other, yet they had much in common. They were dedicated to family and always found time to give back to others. I miss them both and have wonderful memories of my time with them.

When I graduated college I began working in the fashion industry. I had success climbing the corporate ladder, but I was no longer creating. And one day I quit. I returned to college, received a scholarship for graduate school in Norway, moved to the East Coast upon my return to the states, and chose a new direction. I had dreams of owning a spa filled with my very own products. So, I got licensed as an esthetician. I had extensive training by experts in the industry and was eventually licensed in four states. And I wound up in a corporate environment, again. It paid the bills while I continued to look for a way back to creating. That opportunity finally came after I moved to the Midwest and got married.

My husband grew up on a farm in a small town. In fact, his parents live on what is called a “Century Farm” which means it’s been in the family for at least a century. This very large horse and cattle farm belonged to his grandparents. We were married in that small town, on the family farm and this is when my business idea came to be. My husband and I currently live in a nearby small town while we search for our own farm to call home.

While working in the corporate cosmetics and skincare industry I noticed something that bothered me. Mature women, much like myself, would come into the store and ask for specific help with their skin. Yet, they were getting advice from young girls who were following their own favorite beauty bloggers. When I spent time with these women, they would mention products their daughters and granddaughters had recommended for them. These lovely older women needed advice for their own particular skin care issues, not advice for their daughters’ skin. What they needed were products created for them and targeted toward their skin concerns. My desire has been to create a place where mature women could get beauty advice just perfect for them. I want to provide to these women product choices that are right for them. Safe, healthier options for their bodies.

When it came time to name my new business, it was easy... Name it after my two grandmothers! The two “Margarets” who meant the most to me.

I created Two Margarets Beauty for women - like me - who want healthier beauty products, “Do-It-Yourself” natural skincare recipes (and easy access to those ingredients), to have makeup tutorials at their disposal and to provide researched beauty tips specifically for them. Most importantly, I’m very excited about my own natural products - products I’ve created - that are coming soon. My dream has finally become a reality.

I’m a huge Andy Griffith Show fan… I can probably answer most all trivia questions. Not only have I visited Andy Griffith’s boyhood home in Mount Airy, North Carolina, I’ve met two stars from the show.

Fun Facts:

My name spelled as you see it is my true birth name. My father was hoping for a son and had planned to name him after his own father, John. But when I came out as a daughter, my mother jumped at the chance to name me after her father, Sidney. Because she thought Sidney was too masculine for a girl, the spelling was changed to Sindy.

My undergraduate degree was in “Textiles and Clothing" and it’s where I learned to sew. My most favorite class was History of Costume and because of my love of clothing, I collect vintage sewing patterns.

Between my undergraduate degree and my graduate degree, I had the crazy idea of becoming a Veterinarian. So, for two years I was a “Pre-Med” student. I never became a Vet, but my love for animals has grown.

In high school, the actor John Wayne was my neighbor and his younger son, Ethan, was my classmate. One day I called the Wayne household fully expecting the housekeeper to answer the phone. Instead it was John Wayne, himself. I’ve always been a fan and The Quiet Woman is a personal favorite.

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